Oracles of God

Oracles of God

Oracles of God is the title of the TV show we produce on our local Comcast Community Channel. Programs are 15 minutes long and air Thursdays at 9 pm in Virginia's Prince William County. Each episode is available on YouTube. The format is questions and answers with questions submitted via email ( or phone (571) 261-8535. A list of episodes follows.

Eppisode      Month/Year           Question                                                           

 1                        April 2016                  What Is the Bible?

 2                        May 2016                   What Does the Bible Claim About Itself?

 3                        June 2016                  What is the Church?

 4                        July 2016                    What Is Sin? 

 5                        September 2016        Why Believe the Bible? Manuscripts

 6                        October 2016             Why Believe the Bible? Archaeology

 7                        November 2016         Why Believe the Bible? Prophecy

 8                        February 2017           Why Believe the Bible? Science

 9                        April 2017                   What Is the Plan of Salvation?

10                       June 2017                    What Must I Do to Be Saved? 

11                        September 2017         What Changes When I Become Saved? (Part 1) 

12                       October 2017               What Changes When I Become Saved? (Part 2)

13                       November 2017          Can I Just Ignore God?