About Us

About Us

The Haymarket Church of Christ was formed about 17 years ago as an offshoot of the Centreville Church of Christ. Several members thought it would be good to establish a church west of Centreville. After an initial attempt to launch in the Marshall, VA, area the congregation went dormant for a couple years.

In 2012 Jeff Smith was hired as a full-time evangelist and the church resumed meeting regularly, this time in Haymarket. Construction began on a 10,000-square-foot building. During the design and construction phases the congregation met in the Haymarket Town Hall.

In January, 2015, construction was completed and the church began meeting regularly at 6945 Gillis Way, Gainesville, VA, 20155, with about 25 members. In June and July of 2015 three different water leaks interrupted assemblies and the building was closed in July and August for remediation. The building reopened in September of 2015 and assemblies there have been constant since.

In addition to the main auditorium on the first floor, which holds a maximum of 225 persons, the basement contains ten classrooms of assorted sizes to accommodate Bible Study classes for all ages. Three classes meeting regularly, but more will be added as we attract more students. We have grown from 25 to 55 in the past six years.

Our aims are 1) to save the lost and 2) to edify the saved in our area. Classes and services are designed to teach God’s word simply and comprehensively. Our curriculum leads those who attend both Sunday morning and Wednesday night assemblies through the entire Bible in three years. Those who attend Sundays, only, work through the Bible in six years. Outreach to the lost is done primarily through personal invitations and Bible studies. We appointed elders in November of 2018, and will appoint deacons soon. We are constantly working to develop qualified men to serve in these capacities.

We are a sound congregation of the Lord’s people; at peace and growing. We would be glad for all those interested in serving the risen Savior and Lord to worship with us.

Our evangelist is Jeff Smith and you can reach him at (571) 261-8535 or by email at haymarketcofc@live.com Click here for a brief video welcome message.