2020 Theme - Fishers of Men

2020 Theme - Fishers of Men

Christians have the responsibility to share the gospel. Our theme for 2020 considers what that involves using the Lord's figure of speech in Matthew 4:19. We devote the sermon on the first Sunday of each month to this topic. 

 1 - Fishers of Men: Introduction

 2 - The Universal Appeal of the Gospel 

 3 - How to Fish for Men

4 - Using What Is Available

5 - Power in the Word

6 - Biblical Justice and Equality

7 - (No Sermon on Theme)

8 - Pray for a Catch

9 - 9 Scenarios of NT Evangelism

10 - Do Not Be Afraid

11 - Put Out into the Deep

12 - Feed My Sheep

Note: In March we began to meet virtually via Zoom. We found it difficult to stream and record, so many of our sermons on theme were not recorded.