2019 Theme - Things Most Surely Believed

2019 Theme - Things Most Surely Believed

Our theme for 2019 comes from Luke 1:1.  The sermon on the first Sunday each month explores this theme. The following are the sermons in this series.

1) Things Most Surely Believed Introduction to the series.

2) I Believe God Considering belief in God the Father

3) The Church What the church is, its work and its organization.

4) The Gospels

5) The Resurrection

6) Hell

7) What Saves Us

8) Judgment Day

9) Baptism

10) The Mission of the Church

11) Our Calling

12) Heaven

Our hope is that this theme is continually expanding our understand of and appreciation for our Lord and Savior. Likewise, that it is continually exhorting us to let our lights shine more brightly for Him in this land of great moral darkness.