When All Seems Lost


At no time in history have God’s people comprised a majority. Well, that’s not quite accurate. After Noah disembarked he and his family were the only eight souls on earth and, assuming they were all faithful, they were a majority. But that was the last time.

Jesus said that a broad road and a wide gate lead to destruction and most souls go there (Matthew 7:13). David proclaimed this a thousand years before Christ in Psalm 14. David described a world as ungodly as that which God years earlier destroyed with the flood. Some things never change.

God’s people are profoundly and negatively affected by ungodly neighbors. David said that the ungodly eat up the faithful as they eat bread (Psalm 14:4). To him it was amazing that the ungodly had no idea of the trouble they were in for, having rebelled so. Their disobedience would surely bring God’s wrath upon them.

David reminds the faithful that even though they can’t see it God is on the side of the righteous  generation (Psalm 14:5).

So, the next time you’re overwhelmed by unrighteousness all around you, and the next time you echo Elijah’s lament (1 Kings 19:10), remember that as long as you are on the Lord’s side the Lord is on your side. And if it’s only you and the Lord, in a very real sense that is a majority. Until the faith becomes sight and day star arises in your heart comfort each other with the words of Psalm 14.